Shonas Smile Foundation

Shona-Francis Helen Eileen Gill


Shona was diagnosed at the age of 8 with Rahbdomyomasarcoma, a word that became very easy to say and write over a two year period. Shona was treated at Addenbrooks in Cambridge, spending two years in and out of hospital, C2 ward. Shona had several surgeries in an attempt to remove the tumor that was growing, she was extremely brave, putting us adults to shame, as did all the children on C2 at the time ( we are sure they still do to this day) The family started to raise money in the hope that Shona could be taken to America where radical surgery would have taken place to remove Shona's right leg and part of her hip, sadly the cancer out ran the fund raising.  


For her age Shona was a remarkable child, knowing her fate was imminent she only wanted to help others, an old head on young shoulders many said. Shona met Busted in Ipswich and was over the moon to meet Mat, her idol at the time. Later in the same year Shona had the chance to meet Status Quo (thanks to Phil and Dee) and to this day the charity still has a link with the band and the fan club.

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