News and Updates - 2017 Fan Club Convention

Raffle Prize





Chloe Elliott has very kindly donated a framed copy of a Frantic Four poster for the Shona raffle - thank you Chloe, this is very much appreciated x

Forty Five Hundred Gigs



Paperbacks will be ordered soon


A Status Quo Touring History by Andy Flemmings is now available for pre-order.


There will be 100 hardback copies for either collection at the Status Quo Fan Club Convention at £45, or by post for £60 - containing over 580 pages and weighing in at 2kg - it's a heavy book!


Fifty years


Forty-five hundred gigs Status Quo have been everywhere and done it all

From the humblest of working class roots

From Butlin's and the Mecca Ballroom circuit, to provincial pubs and college balls

From slogging the backwater routes of Nowheresville, USA, Oz, Yugoslavia, wherever 

Contemporaries Kiss, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Slade, Sabbath, Rush, Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, T. Rex, Lizzy, Rory and Hawkwind in tow

Honing their craft on the road to becoming the stadium-straddling behemoth that rocked the world and opened Live Aid

Losing their way through bust-ups, drugs, changing members and changing times

Reclaiming their legacy through sheer perseverance and the astounding ‘Frantic Four’ reunions 
The songs, the performances, the energy, the unique live experience winning the day




Featuring forewords courtesy of Quo’s John Coghlan, Bob Young and John ‘Rhino’ Edwards, author Andy Flemmings’ meticulously researched reference work has been years in the making and is packed with thousands of gig dates, many previously undocumented, and their adverts, tickets and contemporary reviews both glowing and merciless. 


Published in conjunction with From The Makers Of..., the Official, International Status Quo Fan Club, this exhaustive history forms Volume 1 of the EncyQuopedia, a series of forthcoming books by renowned experts that together will explore in the greatest detail the legacy of one of the world’s defining rock bands.


100 1st edition will be printed initially. Once these have been sold a paperback 2nd edition will be available at £45. It is expected that the 1st editions will sell out very quickly!


Pre-orders can be purchased here


Orders will not be sent out until after Convention.


Becky's Ponytail Chop!!


Francis Rossi did this many years ago but now Becky Heal has decided that it's time to loose hers!


Becky is going to have about 12 inches of ponytail cut off in aid of The Shonas Smile charity. She will organise a bucket collection on the day or if you want to donate you can pm her on Facebook!


The 12inches of hair will be donated to


This is happening on Saturday 14th October at 10.15am in the Crazy Horse in Butlins.

Please come along and support and watch her reaction!!!!

Raffle Prize


A huge 'thank you' to Adrian Grimwood who has very generously donated a Frantic Four denim jacket for Sunday nights raffle.
Also, another huge 'thank you' to Neil Gallagher for giving us three more fantastic raffle prizes: a brown leather End Of The Road Tour jacket, size large, the snake, leather waistcoat also a large and a denim waistcoat, with a large Piledriver patch on the back, size small.

Raffle Prize


Cyndy Gleisner has very kindly donated one of Rick's guitar straps, framed, with a used Rick plectrum and two certificates of authenticity, both signed by Rick, for the Shona Raffle at Convention. Thanks Cyndy :)

This will be the only raffle prize on Friday.

PLEASE NOTE: Message from Cyndy - 'Can I just make it quite clear that the strap can't be used, it is quite fragile and would possibly break. It has been treated and is in a display box along with one of Ricks plecs....but I really don't think it would stand a lot of handling'


Free Gift Pack


FTMO... members can collect their free gift pack from the Merchandise stall from Friday @ 4pm.



Not a member yet? Join here - and click on the Fan Club tab, then receive your free gift pack at the Convention

Who will be the Convention Quiz Champions this year?


Three rounds this year: Round One will be a picture quiz, pick up your sheets from the Merchandise stall on Friday, Rounds Two and Three will be after the Q&A sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Picture quiz sheets are to be handed in on Saturday after the quiz session.


Teams of four.


Winners and runners-up trophies.

Mick Wall


Mick Wall will once again be 'keeping things moving' at Convention. Read Micks's thoughts on the 2015 Convention on his blog -

Raffle Prize


Was given this little beauty at Brentwood for the raffle at Convention.



Thank you so much to Francis, Andrew, John Rhino Edwards, Leon, and Richie for taking the time out to sign it, and of course to Lloyd Gilbert for sorting it out - you're a star!

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